Training & Coaching

About Adigo

Adigo Consulting Training & Coaching offers business coaching, executive sparring and 1-on-1 training.

My services center around your personal development and professional growth.
You uncover potential and take a closer look at how you make use of your personal talents in different situations.
You challenge ineffective patterns of behaviour and experiment with new ways to create more impact.

I have special expertise in the areas of:
• Personal effectiveness
• Team skills
• Leadership

The word Adigo literally means ‘to move something or someone in a certain direction’. Applied to Adigo Consulting’s mission it means: ‘movement with focus’.


Business Coaching

Coaching offers a combination of reflection and concrete change. Uncover your potential and give your professional growth a boost.

Training 1-on-1

A tailormade training increases your impact within a team or organization. Your own qualities are the starting point.

Executive Sparring

Sparring offers an excellent opportunity to explore your course of action. It provides fresh inspiration and sharpens your discernment.

About Charlotte

Since 1999 I work as a business coach and trainer. I work both with profit- and non profit organisations, local and internationally. I enjoy the diversity of contexts and of the various professionals I meet.

Characteristic for my coaching and sparring is my listening “between the lines” to bring into focus, what has gotten out of sight. I am an empathic listener and use my professional intuition. My questions are meant to help you clarify ideas and take a closer look at assumptions. In a 1-to-1 training I strive to align a new skill to your personality and particular situation.

My office is based in The Netherlands.

For further information, please contact me by email or phone.

Adding new perspective to a point of view and guiding people in their professional growth. That's the core of my work.
Charlotte Venema


Media branche

For many years now I enjoy coaching media professionals who want to enhance their leadership in a creative and dynamic setting.

Health professionals

I coach healthcare professionals in creating a better work-life balance and in excelling in a multidisciplinary team. 


I have broad experience in training and coaching executives, middle-managers and senior specialists who function as informal leaders.