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Adigo Consulting Training & Coaching provides coaching and training. The aim is to enhance your personal effectiveness in your work.
You learn to make more use of your personal talents in different situations. 
Adigo Consulting challenges you to change ineffective patterns in thinking and behaviour. Adigo Consulting focuses on personal growth and a more effective interaction with co-workers.

For whom?

For managers at administrative, executory or operative level  and for employees in profit and not-for-profit organisations.

Services offered:
•    Coaching & sparring
•    Training
•    Intervision

More about Adigo Consulting

The word Adigo has Latin origins. It means literally 'to move something or someone in a certain direction'. Applied to Adigo Consulting's mission it means: 'movement with focus'.

Coach and trainer Charlotte Venema started her business in 1998. She has a Master’s degree in Theology. She has followed intensive courses and training in her work as coach and trainer.
Her office is located in The Netherlands. She works in various international settings, for instance in India, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Switzerland. She is experienced in working both in profit and not-for-profit organisations, including training volounteers.

Her native language is Dutch. She speaks English and German fluently. She has special expertise in the areas of:
•    Personal and situational leadership
•    Effective communication
•    Influencing styles
•    Conflictmanagement

For more information:
•    Contact Adigo Consulting
•    Email Adigo Consulting

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-Adigo has Latin origins: 'to move something or someone in a certain direction'. Applied to Adigo Consulting's mission: 'movement with focus'.-

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